Museum Visionary

With the gradual diversification of the creative forms and contents of art, coupled with the rise of concepts such as metaverse and NFT, the scope of art has become harder to define.

Will art still exist if the boundary of it starts to get too blurry to a point that no one can distinguish? And how could an art museum respond to the status of contemporary art under these realities? Therefore, this might be an opportunity to reposition the role of an “Art Museum”.

Imagine if the physical boundary of a traditional museum breaks and all the programs are scattered into various parts. In this way I could gently interfere and enhance the already existing network within Liming village by somehow fixing these broken parts, creating a situation of the coexistence of an old village and art museum.

Getting into the design details, I chose three major parts as demonstrations, namely the market, the community center and the wall. In the three spatial experiments, the museum parts responses in different manners while facing "retail”, “education” and “communal activities”, forming a series of spaces that show the value of all aspects of art.

Yun-Chen, Chen

Feng Chia University