Agricultural Resilience Center

From the construction of the Bhumibol Dam in Tak Province for the production of electricity affecting people in the area above the dam. The community in Doi Tao Lake is one of the communities affected by the dam construction. causing flooding and extreme drought causing people in the area to not be able to fully use the original area for livelihood They had to migrate and shift their occupation to highland areas when flooding and water shortage during dry periods were needed to make a living.

This project therefore explores an approach to architectural design that focuses on resilience to people's activities in the affected areas. This will take into account changes in activities in the area affected by lake water levels.

The purpose of the study is to create a flexible architecture. and sustainable to the area and environmentally friendly and blends in with the context.

In terms of the concept and design process It started by collecting general information about communities near Doi Tao Lake, Occupation of people in the area, professional activities, Geography of Doi Tao Lake etc. This leads to the analysis of new possibilities of professional activities that are not contradictory and suitable for villagers. to be more flexible than ever Make it more convenient for people in the area Create a learning space for those interested. and promote tourism for the people of Doi Tao Lake community.

For Community, Doi Tao, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kal Sukan Kongam

Chiang Mai University