Uncharted Ark - Legacy of future city's collection

Unchartered Ark is exploring an legacy of future city's collection that is a progressive construct in different time-frames (200 yrs). The research is based on the fictional realm, 'What if Klang were submerged under the water due to extreme sea-level rise?'. Throughout history, sea vessels have played a major role in the development of humanity. Arks could be a new inhabitable infrastructure for the future world.

In between the Klang river

Most of the world's civilizations have been cultivated by rivers. Similarly, to the river in Klang, Malaysia. People used it to supply water, harvest crops, trade & transport. As sea-level rise has taken the land. The existing road system is no longer accessible for the vehicle, it will become a waterway. Instead of against the nature of water. Ark will be traveling along the river & dock into the barrier. It distributes the goods & services to the future cities

In between the Ocean

The ocean is a body of salt water that covers about 71% of Earth's surface. Hence, the future world is no longer restricted by land availability. It gives people the freedom to expand the ark. Furthermore, numerous of arks linked together will form an autonomous city on the ocean. The ark will globe along the ocean till another coastal city's port.

Tien Jun Xiang

UCSI University