The Underground Corridor

The development of the first-ever subway project in the Philippines aims to challenge the age-old car-centric transportation crisis in Metro Manila, the Philippines' capital megacity. This project is the student’s take on the Unified Grand Central station and underground corridor which connects most of the existing railways and showcases the solution to the transport crisis considering the limits of transport-oriented infrastructure the country can afford. It offers a solution to the transport challenges and shows what realistic public transport facilities can be. Along with the integration of contemporary technologies, which provides more opportunities to its users. The project aims to elevate the commuting public’s experience with a distinct Filipino vernacular character. Promoting more people to use the country’s public transport and walk more as a valid alternative than using their private vehicles, lessening car congestion on the roads. This project serves as a model for future similar undertaking as the country invests in fueling up the economy which would equate to increase in work force productivity and overall national growth.

A Metro Manila Mixed-Use Transport Hub and Subway Facility

Julian Cedric S. Malto

University of Santo Tomas