“A Home”

This architectural design research study is about the understanding of the architectural tradition by means of chosen geometrical framework, or ‘Taxis’ in the Greek language, spatial compositions, sensuality experiences, local materials and construction techniques. The objective is to see the possibilities of reinterpreting analytical drawings of Ananda Temple, Thatbyinyu Temple and a Burmese traditional house to synthesis the analyses upon the contemporary architectural design process. The site, surrounded by the historical landscape of Bagan heritage zone, is chosen to be a testing ground for the reinterpretation design process for the Bagan Cultural Center.What is home, အိမ်?

A house sheltering a family which consists love, diverse opinions in solidarity, relaxation of mind and body, social reproduction embedding with identities. My home, Myanmar, has diverse culture and traditions in closely relate to Southeast Asian neighbors and has experienced up and down in social, cultural, and political situations along with the global phenomena. My research questions and design approach are: What will be Myanmar architectural typology in some part of socio-culture, materials, and construction methods available in contemporary time ? How can traditional architecture from ancestors be a tool for the architectural design of present and for the future generations?

Myanmar And Reinterpretation Of Traditional Architecture To Contemporary Cultural Center In Bagan

Hein Min Thaung

Chulalongkorn University